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krissyjenkins | When You Fall in Love with a property
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When You Fall in Love with a property

When You Fall in Love with a property

You know that saying, “you’ll find love when you stop looking.” Well in the case
of finding the home you fall in love with, that’s not true! But the principle of
knowing what you want before you find it, is.

How can you find the right partner if you don’t know what you want? Do you
want him/her to be fully established or do you want to grow together? Do you
know what you’re attracted to or are looks unimportant to you? Are their any
quirks you simply cannot tolerate?

When finding your dream home, and I’m talking about the one you want to live
in, the one you want to commit to, what is it you really want? Is size and
appearance your number one priority or do you want something you can work
on and make exactly as you want over time? What are your absolute musts –
those things you cannot compromise on?

You really have to stop and think. Put your head in the future mind-space. Walk
through the house as though you’re doing it two, five or ten years down the

Here are some ideas to consider in your search for true love.

Looks aren’t everything! There may be a lovely modern dining suite,
beautiful soft furnishings and the subtle smell of frangipani wafting
through the window but the current owners will move out and take that
furniture with them and the frangipani won’t bloom all year round. You
want a home that is beautiful on the inside too.

You need to have shared interests. You love kicking the footy and
outdoor entertaining but this house is all size and no yard. There’s no
room for your six-burner BBQ on the patio and the only thing you’ll be
kicking is yourself for buying this property. You and this house just aren’t

• You need to compliment each other. You’re a bit of a hoarder, so you
need a house with great storage. You hate to admit it. But you can be a
slob. Maybe a place with a laundry chute and an easy-clean kitchen. A low
maintenance yard, or even an apartment. There needs to be at least one
organised one in every relationship.

You need to be compatible. You’re a homebody and you like your
privacy. The right house for you could be the one set back from the street
with a large hedge or fence and space between you and the neighbours.
Cosy, quiet nights in – you two are going to be really happy together!

You need to be on the same page politically. You’re a greenie so you
might find true love in a straw bale house with solar panels on the roof
and a permaculture garden ready to go in the backyard. The four-car
garage place with ducted air-con throughout might not be your best
match. You’ll never see eye-to-eye.

You need to have the same goals. You want to get married and have
babies. Lots of babies. Obviously a one-bedroom inner city apartment
would be nothing more than a fling so the five bedroom Queenslander a
bit further out of town might be the one that was meant for you.

Like finding true love in a partner, you’ll never find The One if you rush in,
blinded by rose-coloured glasses. Figure out exactly what you want, and go out
there and find it!

By Nicola Gifford

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