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krissyjenkins | Top 6 Real Estate Podcasts to listen to in 2018
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Top 6 Real Estate Podcasts to listen to in 2018

Top 6 Real Estate Podcasts to listen to in 2018


Listening to podcasts is such an inspiring way to learn and if one of your resolutions is to listen to more podcasts in 2018, I have the list for you!  Podcasts are an excellent way to stay educated on issues, current affairs and learn more about your industry during your morning commute to at the gym. Below is the top 6 real estate podcasts to listen to in 2018 recommended by Krissy Jenkins.


1/ Bigger Pockets


It’s likely you’ve read some of their timely articles or cruised a few of the important commercial real estate topics on their website, but what about their podcast? It’s actually the #1 rated and reviewed real estate podcast on iTunes, which isn’t a big surprise with their website and blog being such a trusted resource for real estate professionals. The show likes to “keep it real” and talk about the honest and serious issues facing real estate professionals today.


2/ Commercial Real Estate Show 


This podcast is a nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Business Network and is focused on commercial real estate. The host is Michael Bull and he is highly educated and offers tips, market conditions, future of the industry and overall industry current events. This is an interesting podcast to be educated about the commercial industry as a whole.


3/ Helen’s Rant Podcast 


Every week, Australian property millionaire Helen Collier-Kogtevs takes viewers questions about property investment and gives her no-nonsense response. This is an excellent Australian-based podcast that is helpful for people in the industry and people looking to buy or sell.


4/ I love Real Estate


I love Real Estate is another enormously popular and successful Australiana podcast that is an excellent source of information. In addition to the podcasts, Dymhna offers e-books, online courses and her website provides a plethora of real estate knowledge. There are weekly updates on current affairs, economic data and investing tips and strategies also.


5/ Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner


This Australian podcast is an excellent source as each week they compile commentary from Australia’s leading property experts and select the best to feature in the weekly podcast. Ranging from 30-45 mins each podcast, each interview is also provided in text form and published on the site. The weekly podcast includes tips, news and special segments where industry experts answer viewers questions.


6/ The Property Couch


This is an informative and educational podcast hosted by two of Australia’s Property Experts, Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, and is focused on helping Australian’s make smart property investment decisions. An extremely passionate real estate podcast, helping people to make informed decisions, most definitely add the Property Couch to your podcast list.

There are a plethora of fantastic podcasts, however if you are involved in the real estate industry or are looking to educate yourself further on the industry, the top 6 real estate podcasts outlined are a fantastic start. For more blogs and helpful tips, please visit us at: http://www.krissyjenkinsproperty.com/





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