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krissyjenkins | Top 10 Apps – Productive & Not!
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Top 10 Apps – Productive & Not!

Top 10 Apps – Productive & Not!

If you are anything like me, life can sometimes be all over the place.  What keeps me on track is my technology and sometimes I even get to have some fun along the way.  I have some great apps on my phone that I want to share with you that might help you and if nothing else is a bit of interest.

The Top 10 Apps I have on my phone:


Airtasker is a great app for finding local talent to do jobs that you either don’t want to do or don’t have the skill set to do…  You are able to post your job and allocate a price you are willing to pay, and people will bid on your job.  All you have to do then is find the right person and the right money and get the job done.  The great thing is they don’t get paid until you are satisfied that they have completed the task.

I have gotten people to do cleaning, putting together IKEA furniture, removing rubbish, letterbox drops, graphic design, website modifying, I mean you can even get people to go to your favourite restaurant and pick up your dinner for you.  The sky really is the limit.


I find this a great app for me to not only budget my fuel every week but to also lock in a cheap price on fuel when fuel seems to go up 20c every few days.  The 7-11 app allows you to lock in your fuel at the rate it is today in your immediate area for 7 days and also set aside money for fuel.

When comparing fuel prices across all the franchises I find 7-11 to be very comparative so I am not losing out when it comes to where I purchase my fuel.


Oh My Gawd!!  I am so in love with this app and the great thing about it, it is available on your phone, your pc, your tablet or your Mac and once you have it on them you can sync across all of them your data.

What it is is an app that keeps all of your notes organised. I take notes all the time, shopping lists, blog ideas, notes on properties, reminders, everything you can think of I take notes on.  Once they are in Evernote you can pick them up wherever you are.  They are also searchable.

Evernote has the function of popping audio files in and photographs as well.  I have found it really useful when I am in a training session or at a conference as it is so easy to use.


This is such a cool App.  Raiz is a money-making app which is fun to interact with and is very purposeful.  Raiz helps you save & invest starting with virtual spare change from your everyday purchases and invest this into a diversified portfolio of stocks.  You can choose to invest lump sums (as little as $5) and you can also let It round up the amount of money that you spend every week.  For example, if you spend $11.54 at Woolworths, Raiz will round up and invest the 46c that takes it up to $12.

It is a quick and easy was to save money, make money and, also super fun to watch it grow.  I am a huge fan.


If you love property as much as I do I know you have this app on your phone.  It is a great tool to keep up to date with what properties are coming onto the market, what properties are still on the market and which properties have sold.

You can save your favourite searches but what I love is that you can set smart notifications so that if anything happens to one of your favourite properties you will get a notification.  You can also create collections of your searches.

One last feature that I think is amazing if you are actively looking for properties is the Inspection Planner.  Plan out your Saturday and make sure you get to all of your inspections using the planner.


This is a great App if you receive documents that need signing ASAP and you don’t have access to scanners and printers etc.  I personally love it because I constantly have documents that come to me that I need to fill out there and then.  They attach an electronic agreement clause so are perfectly legal too.


I will be honest I am not a huge fan of talk back radio, so I am constantly looking for things to listen to while I am driving and sometimes even when I am out doing letterbox drops.  If you like short (usually up to an hour) stories or messages the Podcast app is for you.  It should already be on your phone you just have to do the searches to find what you are interested in.

If you are interested in real estate podcasts here are some ideas for you: http://www.krissyjenkinsproperty.com/top-6-real-estate-podcasts-to-listen-to-in-2018/

I’m a huge fan of crime stories so there are a few here if you too are interested: https://player.fm/featured/true-crime

Here are also the best podcasts from Time Magazine for 2018 so far: http://time.com/5275708/best-podcasts-of-2018-so-far/


I know this is a bit naughty but when you are as busy as I can be this App is smack bang in the middle of your favourite screen on your phone.

UberEats has all of the available restaurants in your immediate area available for delivery.  What I love about UberEats compared to a lot of the other food delivery apps is that there is no particular minimum spend which is great when there is only you are ordering food.  You just have to pay a delivery fee which I think is pretty reasonable when I get to stay in my slippers and dressing gown haha.


PriceFinder is a property data company that real estate agents use to find out who owns a property, how much they paid for it and when, look at photographs, find out when it was last on the market or for rent.  I used to work for PriceFinder, so I absolutely love love love it and the App is fantastic.  It is an industry-based product but if you ever want to know more information or have a play with it yourself (PriceFinder not the app) let me know and I will hook you up.


Going off the previous Podcasts app and what I had to say about loving listening to something in the car I present to you the Audible App.  Audible is an app that delivers to you audio books of every kind, genre and nationality.  The great thing is you get the first 30 days free and then from there it is a very reasonable subscription-based structure.

I love the fiction books personally.  I have just finished listening to all of the Harry Potter books which were read by Stephen Fry… SOooooo Good!

I have also listened to some marketing type books which were just so easy to listen to.  Purple Cow and Ask Gary Vee were my favourites.

Seriously go and have a look… You won’t be sorry!

Well these are my favourites today and tomorrow they might change so please check in. Thanks for sticking with me 😊


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