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krissyjenkins | Keeping Your Winter Costs Down
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Keeping Your Winter Costs Down

Keeping Your Winter Costs Down

It is that time of the year again where things start to look a bit bleak and the cooler months set in.  When you start switching on the heaters, the air-conditioners or the heat lamps in the bathrooms, all your meals are hearty and are cooked in the oven and to keep the blues away you tend to turn on more lights.  Then you get your electricity bill and you go into shock by how much it has gone up and it is only then you remember that you went through all of this last year.

I must admit that the kids and I are terrible with electricity.  My lovely partner says that we all live the high life haha. This has come from many years of being married to a power station worker who got a huge subsidy on his electricity so it didn’t quite cost as much. This year we are going to do a few things different and hopefully save some money but also reduce our carbon footprint… well I hope so anyway.

I have had a bit of a look around and have come up with some energy saver ideas and also some ways to put some dollars back in your pocket.

  1. Have a look at who you currently get your electricity from

There are so many things that you can do around the house, which we will go into, but I think the first thing you should do in fact do it today is to compare the providers and get yourself the best possible deal.

First, you will need to get a hold of your last electricity and gas (good time to do this at the same time) bills.  Do a google search of ‘energy providers’ and compile a list of the providers you would like to contact. When I did mine I went straight to a compare website which was easy to work through but I was a bit disappointed that it only brought me the two big names in energy. There are a couple of good alternatives available at the moment so it is worth taking a look.

Something else I recently found out is that if you pay on time they will also give you a sizable discount (nearly 30%) which will also save you a pretty penny.

  1. An obvious measure is to reduce how much electricity you are using

The huge bug bear that we have at our house is the kids leaving the lights on in the bathrooms, the lights on in the kitchen and of course monopolising the dryer.  It is never ending. I am not too far behind them with my love of ceiling fans being on all day and all night and my laziness when it comes to drying clothes.

It is time to make a change I think. Time to do the obvious and turn all of the lights off when we are not in the room. Audit yourself when you leave a room that you are taking the energy with you and not leaving any behind. That means fans off, lights off and door shut behind me.

I will be honest when it comes to drying clothes it is unlikely that we are going to be a totally clothesline family but I have promised myself that I will try and do 3 loads of washing a week and put them on the line.  I am thinking of going with towels.  I figure it is all about the little changes.

When it comes to your air-conditioning or heating make sure that you heat the smallest area possible to help reduce your energy costs so make sure all of the doors and windows are shut for areas you are not using.

If you think of anything else make sure you let me know. This really is a work in progress for me.

  1. Rug up and Keep Warm

Of course, you can always save money by rugging up.  Personally, I am a big fan of woolly socks, flannelette pyjamas, my dressing gown and big soft blankets so this is going to work for me for sure.  Truthfully, the heater isn’t too much of a problem around here but I will make an extra effort to be conscientious this year.

Overnight, try to avoid using the heating as well, instead layer your blankets so you keep warm during the night.


Some of these measures can help save you hundreds of dollars over the period of a year so it might just be worthwhile adopting a few and maybe buy yourself something special instead.

Now, being a Centenary Suburb Real Estate Agent will not qualify me as your expert on energy, these really are just some thoughts, but if you want to know where my strengths really lie you can always contact me for any real estate advice.






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