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krissyjenkins | How to Sell Your Home with Kids in Tow!! Some Quick and Handy Hints to Make Life Easier!
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How to Sell Your Home with Kids in Tow!! Some Quick and Handy Hints to Make Life Easier!

How to Sell Your Home with Kids in Tow!! Some Quick and Handy Hints to Make Life Easier!

Selling your home and keeping it constantly ready for inspections can be stressful at any time let alone when you have children running around helping you.. 🙂

I was just talking to my partner about this very topic and his suggestion was that you ship the kids off to Grandma’s for the duration of the sale.. there was actually question as to when you should pick them up.. 14.. 16.. 18.. ever, haha but seriously how do we manage.

Aside from moving everyone out there are a few handy hints that are quite easy to handle.  Try these.

I guess getting yourself initially organised for the sale is important.  Do all of the things that your Agent has suggested such as decluttering, cleaning and tidying around the place but this is where you need to get smart with the kids.

Communication with kids that are old enough can be key here.  Discuss with them the process of selling your home and what is going to happen and what it is that you need from them.  I have heard people talk about creating a ‘deal’ with the kids like a star chart or perhaps a reward when the house sells so that they have incentive to help you keep it clean and ready to go.

Lists are a good thing.  I know in my house whenever we have a clean up or just in general I write a list of all of the jobs no matter how big or small that need to be done to achieve our goal.  My kids generally mark off the job they want to do and then cross them off when they are finished.  This can work when getting ready for inspections too.  Try and make it a little bit fun.

Keeping yourself  on track every day can be a bit of a task especially when you have so many people to consider other than yourself.. the kids, the partner, the dog, the turtle, etc .  Make your life a little bit easier by setting yourself a checklist to stick to every day..  Make the bed, wipe over the bathroom before you leave in the morning, have a wash, fold or hang pile for your clothes and at the end of the day attend to them.  Wipe the oven after use.  Run the vacuum over the floors.  It is easier to do it in little bits than having to run around on the day of inspection trying to do everything at once.

One trick I have learnt over the years is to have a laundry basket or two ready and waiting just in case of inspections.  As you leave the house put anything that is out of place in the basket and then put it in the boot of your car as you leave.  Less stress and you can bring the baskets out after the inspection.

Have your fancy towels and decorations in a basket which you can pull out right before you leave the house and put them straight away after the inspection ready for the next one.

Speaking of leaving the house for inspections.  It is a great idea to have plans on where you are going to go during the inspections.   Inspections can be really quick or they can go on for an hour or so so make sure you can keep the kids occupied.  A nearby park is a great idea if the weather is good.  Go and grab a coffee and sit out in the sun with the pooch and the kids.  A local coffee shop or the library can work as well.  Just make sure you are all occupied until the time your Agent calls you to tell you the coast is clear.

If you have expectations of notice that you will need from your Agent to get ready for an inspection let them know so that they can plan this in when they are talking to their Buyers.  Communication is key.

Really, the best advice I can give you is to make your life as easy as possible by getting your kids involved with the process, being organised and being positive.


If I can help you with any other handy hints for selling your home please call me on 0400 686 443.


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